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Written By Dr. J. on June 23, 2021

Are you one of the many people who suffer from back pain, neck pain or headaches but are afraid to consult a chiropractor? It is very common for people to come to our office for the first time with a great sense of fear about getting their spine adjusted. Many times this fear has caused the person to neglect their spine until the symptoms have become so severe that they simply can no longer avoid seeking chiropractic care. Out of necessity they've had to overcome their fear. Sadly the person's problems have usually moved from simple to complicated by this time.

There are many probable causes of this fear of chiropractors and chiropractic adjustments. It may be stories of pain or injuries from chiropractic adjustments.

Dr J Baby Adjusting

Some people don't like to be touched. The thought of a popping sound when a joint is adjusted can be unnerving for some people. Regardless of what the cause of the fear is, it is fear that keeps many people from receiving help that they really need.

There really aren't any good reasons to be afraid of modern chiropractic care. A government royal commission described chiropractic as being “remarkably safe”. It has also been shown to be very effective for back pain, neck pain and headaches in numerous scientific studies. The low force Activator technique used in our office is also very comfortable, so there is little or no pain experienced during the chiropractic adjustment. From infants to the elderly, we can provide effective yet comfortable care. For example, I recently adjusted a baby who didn't even wake up during the adjusting procedure! If we can effectively care for these delicate age groups we can help you as well.

If babies coo after getting adjusted, children fight over who can be adjusted first, and seniors get off the adjusting table smiling, what can be frightening enough to keep you from getting your problems looked after? There are really no good reasons to fear getting a chiropractic adjustment.

At our office we love to have both those who are frightened or skeptical come to see us. We understand that you have fears and concerns. We'd be pleased to help you work through those obstacles and to get the care you really need. If you know someone who comes to our clinic, ask them if you can watch when they are getting adjusted. Don't let your simple problems become complicated problems. Call today for an appointment.

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