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Written By Dr. J. on August 16, 2021

At any given time, it's not unusual to see a number of children in our office. Many of those children are visiting us to receive chiropractic adjustments. After observing this, it's also not uncommon to hear adults say something to the effect of, “I didn't know kids need to get adjusted!” or, “Do kids have back problems like adults?” Yes, children can have back and neck problems and they do need to have their spines checked and adjusted if indicated.

Child Falling

What the adults making the comments fail to consider is that many spinal problems have their origin in childhood, perhaps even originating during the birth process. Consider the forces and twisting a baby experiences during birth. Also recall all the tumbles and bumps a baby has while learning to walk. Then there are falls and scrapes and countless mishaps as a child learns to interact with their environment and the people around them. Everyday through play and experiencing life, the spines of children are exposed to potential injury. There can be big hurts, but most often spinal problems are the result of accumulated little traumas. In addition to falls and tumbles, things like poor posture, overloaded backpacks, unsupportive footwear and even playing on electronic devices can traumatize the spine. Looking back, many adults can attribute their own back and neck problems to things that happened when they were young.

Studies show that about 10% of children age 9 have neck pain and that increases to 15% at age 15. 33% of 9 year olds report low back pain with the percentage escalating to 48% by age 15. The rates of back and neck pain in children are steadily increasing. The studies also indicate that young children are less likely to receive care for their problems than older children. Yet it makes sense to try and correct problems as soon as possible after injuries occur. That produces the most complete healing with the least complications and susceptibility to future problems.

Now consider all the over exertion, inactivity, bumps, falls and yes fights that your children have experienced just over this past summer. They have very likely suffered accumulated spinal traumas. Back to School is a great time to have their spines checked so they won't be plagued with back or neck pain this school year. Your children don't need to be part of the growing statistic of children with spinal pain. Call our office today for a free consultation to see how chiropractic could help your children.

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