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Light Force Activator

Of the many effective chiropractic techniques, the use of light force Activator Methods has proven to be very beneficial for the vast majority of our patients. We have employed it for years and have become masters of using it with great effectiveness.

  • The light force is very comfortable for all age groups from infants to the elderly.
  • Because of the comfort, it is easy to relax reducing the muscle tension that needs to be overcome during an adjustment. There is no ‘fight’ between the patient and the chiropractor.
  • The adjustment is very consistent. The instrument provides the same force each and every time.
  • The Activator Methods analysis provides consistency not only from visit to visit, but also from doctor to doctor.
  • Very importantly, the Activator procedures tell where to adjust, when to adjust, and significantly when not to adjust. This is because on each visit it provides a view of how the nervous system is functioning.

Activator Methods has proven to be so effective that we have many patients who will drive for hours to our clinic just to get adjusted using this technique. You can experience it for yourself at our clinic! It’s what we do best.