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The Authentic You

Written By Dr. Sheldon on May 19, 2021

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This article is intended to be one of encouragement rather than passing on information. It is about moving towards your “Authentic Self.” Perhaps one of the most important undertakings. First of all, let’s define the word authentic. Authentic means original or genuine. In existential terms, authentic can mean being your true self or best self. So what does it take to move closer to your authentic self?


Life today seems to continually promote adding something to your life to feel better or more complete. Savvy marketing companies prey on the concept that you will be a better you with a bigger house, a new car, a new home gadget, or even the latest and greatest medication. I would like to suggest that the desire to add things may be flawed, and removing something from your life will get you closer to a higher level of authenticity. So what are some things you can remove to be the best you?


*Declutter your home: Go through all the rooms (and yes that includes the storage room and ga- rage) in your home and either get rid of, sell, or donate items you rarely, if ever, use. This can be very liberating and rejuvenating.


*Detoxify: Do a detox or fast to eliminate harmful waste from your body. This could also include reducing or removing the consumption of processed foods, alcohol, tobacco, refined sugars, etc..


*Meditate, pray, or have a “Quiet Time” daily: Re- moving the excess thoughts and chatter that run through your mind, and slow things down, can give you more clarity.


*Remove or reduce time wasters that don’t serve you: Simplifying your daily schedule towards what matters most can give you a more authentic purpose.


How can CHIROPRACTIC assist in enhancing your authenticity? It is embedded in the chiropractic principles. That’s why I love chiropractic so much. Chiropractic is not designed to add anything to the body. It’s also about removal. The purpose of chiropractic is to remove what is blocking the communication between the brain and the body. By improving spinal and nerve function, through an ADJUSTMENT, chiropractors restore this connection. Your body already has the intelligence inside to fully regulate, coordinate and express itself. It just needs NO INTERFERENCE. Chiropractic assists in this process. Moving you towards expressing your authentic self.


Give our office a call to see if we can assist you with expressing your authentic self. 403-529-9069.

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