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Written By Dr. J. on May 5, 2021

Springtime is heralded as a time of reawakening or rebirth. For most of us the longer days and warmer weather mean getting outdoors to re-engage in activities we haven’t done for months. It often means being more active and using our bodies in very different ways than we did over the winter. We may have exercised the muscles used to operate the remote control but not the ones we will need when painting the fence.

Gardeners tell us that much of the success of this year’s crop is in the preparation of the soil. The right compost and adjuvants applied before planting will make a huge difference to plant growth and productivity. The real ‘green thumb’ people know not to neglect the preparation. Likewise baseball players know that preparation is crucial to a successful season. They start spring training in the winter to make sure they are in the best possible condition for the start of the season. This preparation is necessary if they hope to have a winning season.

What outdoor springtime activities are you planning this year? Will your body be ready to do them safely? Now is the time to be preparing. Start to get your body ready by stretching regularly, increase your walking or jogging and even add some weight training. Remember to begin any new activities slowly. Don’t rake the whole yard, run 5 k, or play a full soccer game on the first nice day of spring. That would be just asking for trouble, but unfortunately we see it in our clinic every year.

Some other ways to prepare is to make sure your equipment is suitable for the task and in good repair. Try to engage in a variety of activities to use different muscle groups and postures. Warm up before starting any physical activity. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, even on cool spring days.

Very importantly, make sure your spine is free of vertebral subluxations that can interfere with the proper function of your nervous system. Any nerve interference will have a negative effect on the way the body works. Joints and muscles will not work properly. Balance, coordination and mobility can be affected. Consequently, when nerve interference is present, there is an increased risk of injury. Chiropractors are specifically trained to detect and correct vertebral subluxations even when there is no pain.

Get the most out of your springtime activities by having a chiropractic checkup.